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Colorado House is specialised on books, crafted matter and films, with a particular focus on experiment, anthropology and outsider arts.

We are set on the adventure to collaborate with writers, artists, technicians and craftspeople to manufacture uncompromising editions of allegedly utopic and Sisyphean projects. We believe in advancing small, unlikely ideas that are in ongoing danger of being lost, forgotten or ruled out.

A Book of Palms - Jonathan Martin
19 x 26,5 cm, singer stitch binding
56 pages, printed in Risograph
First edition of 150 copies, March 2013

18.00 €
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From ancient up to modern times, the Orient to the Occident, palms are revered as wondrous plants of strange beauty, with lush coconuts and dates dangling from their dreadlock fronds.

Jonathan Martin assembled an unlikely anthology of drawings consisting of the unspoken, phantasmal aspects of being a palm. To be exact, a palm in the brains of a sharp-witted, moony collector of comprehensive socio-cultural myths, philosophies, folk tales and superstitions.

His book is a sober celibration of the manifoldness of the arcane phenomenon called Arecaceae (or simply palm tree), a trip through Mesopotamia, ancient temples, hieroglyphs, the I Ching, Samarra, Egyptian dance and cryptic occultations at a palm's hands.

Martin finds jokes in flat depictions of belief, the unavailing, the mystical and the wryly, and is equally fond of screwy allusions. Informed by an unsentimental nostalgia for American heritage, outer space, ethnography and religion, Martin's book explores the mystery of a tree, by embedding it in a star map wherein he confronts the Evangel with pop culture, Zen with contemporary art and the Qur'an, and not to forget the fixed coordinate Neil Young (who you'll find in a tree trunk).

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What No One Knows
by Jana Papenbroock
51' – music by Scott Cazan

Somewhere between visual field recording, essay film, ethnographic documentary and video art, "What No One Knows" challenges both the limitations of its medium and narrative coherency as such. Drifting along the cartographic borders of Germany, Papenbroock set her film up as an experiment: to drive to a random place each night and wait for the first stranger to walk by, with whom she would talk about whatever they wanted, mostly the stories of their lives, and followed into their homes.
Papenbroock made herself an antenna set upon the vicious circle of history, susceptible to all the vibrant, grotesque and gorgeous legends its centripetal motion radiates. It's a cyclical movement that turns up living fossils, memories, dreams and lost illusions, without ever quite insisting that a rational subject is at the heart of it all.

Papenbroock's work is a delicate dance of un-framing. Genres seem to orbit, occur, disappear and recur like part of an eerie clockwork or an etude.
The film often reads as visual music further complicating the notion of a purely framed viewing. You can tell she is aiming at relieving history of the burden of reason, and relieving film of the weightiness of genre.

With a sensitivity to the pervasive force of myths, narration, poetic dialects and idioms, faces, archetypes, and ancestry in daily life, her portraits of rumpled faces, fantastic tales, drunken delusions, pastoral stillness, and rural goofiness effectively blur into the single face of an era that contains both its exterior and interior dimensions.

With tenderness and an often weird sense of humor, she supplies for a synaesthetic film experience speaking through formal openness as much as through its gorgeous subject matter.

Jason Grier, musician and producer

Times Vol.1 - The Puzzling Almanac
21,5 × 30 cm, open stitch binding
116 pages, softcover
First edition of 500 copies, November 2012

25.00 €
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Times is an annual publication concerned with memory and representation. The first edition of Times, The Puzzling Almanac, is a pictorial atlas arranged according to a calendrical structure.
365 photographs from the early 19th to the early 20th century were assembled to a book, enabling the reader to embark on time travels through unlikely associations between scientific inventions, ancient discoveries and past current affairs. The blatant staging of the photographs that have become constituents of our collective memory, reveal the futility of objectifiable, transhistorical systems of measurement and documentation. We are always dealing with genealogical, indexicalized representations, or in less fancy words, with storytelling.

The cyclical notion of the calendar installs the photographs in the realm of the clockwork of the skies, an ongoing movement that allows brief glimpses of time, yet as soon as we have realized, they have already escaped our grasp and disappeared into something scientists have described as an ever-expanding, strange spiral.



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